An e-learning programme enabling professionals to understand the core concepts of strategic business planning in B2B using an internationally recognised framework to develop a valuable and tailored deliverable with expert coaching support

About the Strategic Business Planning in B2B programme

The Strategic Business Planning in B2B programme uses a proven framework that has been successfully implemented across organisations of all sizes. It has been specially adapted by the Centre of Excellence in B2B Marketing to deliver better results and provides a structured approach to strategic business planning with governance, risk management and action planning frameworks.

The Course Content Author

The content of this Strategic Business Planning programme has been authored by Ray Clarke, a highly experienced business strategy and marketing professional in B2B. Ray has 25 years of experience in the B2B industry, working in senior management roles in both client and agency side. As a business & marketing strategy consultant, he has advised on and developed strategic business plans for organisations of all sizes, in multiple industry sectors, across the UK and Europe. This wealth of experience is demonstrated in the quality of the programme content and in the practical, outcome focused nature of the programme. The course content has been peer-reviewed by senior strategy consultants who also have both client side and agency side experience working with startups, SMEs and large multinational enterprises.





“Really liked the adaptable nature of the Business Canvas Tool presented and the follow up coaching helped to apply the process.”

Engineering Distribution Business

“There is nothing to lose but a lot to gain by this programme. For a company that needs help to create their business plan and strategy, this is a great starting point, with the tools and advice necessary to get started.”

Food manufacturer

“This focused the minds of the leaders in the business and forced us to think strategically. It was valuable in setting specific goals and having a clear roadmap for where we expect the business to go over the coming 24 months.”

Furniture manufacturer

“The interactive nature of the learning content was good. The worksheet tools were thought-provoking. This strategy development process forced us to make some key decisions on issues that have been discussed in the business for a long time and previously never concluded. Very effective!”

IP Legal firm

“This was an excellent programme for our business. I am quite sceptical about programmes like this but this far exceeded my expectations. The value we got from this programme was outstanding and the coaching support was hugely beneficial to us.”

Quality Management service business

“It encourages you to set time aside to focus on the business and the long term strategy rather than the day-to-day operations. This provided a safe environment where you get expert feedback on your thoughts around the company strategy.”

Software as a Service business

“We found the tools provided very useful and the follow up coaching sessions ensured that we continued to focus on our deliverable.”

Software solution business

“I would recommend this programme as it allows senior management to take time out and focus on the business and its value proposition which will in turn help them identify and map out growth areas.”

Security technology business

“This was long overdue. We have been wrestling with a changing market, manufacturing capacity issues and resource gaps for some time. This neatly brought it all together in a great structure and enabled us to make some key decisions on our future.”

Food manufacturer

“Being part of a family business, I needed to bring everyone with me on this journey. The tools presented in this programme are really effective in getting people together and working through various aspects of developing the strategy. We have already come a long way in rethinking our strategy for the future.”

Traditional craft manufacturing and retail business

Strategic Business Planning in B2B

– Programme for Professionals

Strategic Business Planning in B2B

– Programme for Companies

Strategic Business Planning in B2B – Programme Options

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