Developing a suite of e-learning programmes with blended learning experience to address the skills and competency gap in B2B marketing

How are the programmes designed for more effective learning?

Each learning module in the programme is designed in a way that caters for the different styles of learning among individuals. People have different styles/preferences of learning as identified by Peter Honey and Alan Mumford. These are: Activist (who learn by doing), Theorist (who like to understand the theory behind), Pragmatist (who need to see how to put the learning into practice) and Reflector (who learn by observing and thinking about what happened).





The Centre of Excellence in B2B Marketing programmes are designed to provide a structured, comprehensive and interactive learning experience that caters for different learning styles.

Each programme is structured in modules, with each module focusing on a key learning area. Modules consist of 7 core sections, which have been designed to reinforce the learning and create an environment in which you can confidently apply the learning. The innovative structure of our e-learning programmes in B2B marketing is highlighted in the following video and detailed below.

Module Introduction

highlights the topics that will be covered in the module and the activities you will be expected to complete

Learning Content

instructional learning is provided using interactive and engaging visuals, text and audio

Video Case Study

illustrates a real-world example of how a B2B business has applied this learning in their business to achieve a positive outcome

Learning Activities

structured activities with templates and guidance to enable you to apply the learning to your business

Further Reading List

links to recommended books, articles, videos and blogs to supplement your learning

Module Review

provides a helpful summary of the key learnings and the activities you have completed for this module

Scenario Based Assessments

scenario-based questions to reinforce learning by testing not only your knowledge gained, but also your ability to apply the learning to a business situation


Here’s a list of our recently launched programmes

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