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Transforming capability development in B2B marketing by providing valuable outcome focused e-learning programmes with blended learning experience that develop marketing competency to deliver tangible business results.

How is the Centre of Excellence transforming capability development in B2B marketing?

Programmes successfully delivered to 1000+ learners

Offering high value programmes that have been undertaken by senior level professionals in 500+ companies  (approx. 1000+ learners) delivering successful business results

Blended learning experience with B2B professionals

Programmes designed to offer a blended learning experience; interactive instructional learning with online 1-to-1 coaching support with highly experienced B2B marketing professionals

Programme designed to support applied learning

Modules consisting of interactive instructional content, case study examples, structured activities to apply the learning, assessments with feedback and further reading to supplement the learning

Outcome and activity based learning

In a major advancement from traditional instructional learning, the programmes provide structured activity based learning that delivers valuable business outputs throughout the learning programme

Practical programmes applied to B2B

Programmes are developed by practicing B2B marketing professionals based on best practice, which means these are practical programmes that can be implemented in a B2B business environment

Analytical assessments with individual feedback

Each learning module has an assessment that tests the learners understanding and requires learners to apply the learning to defined  business scenarios. Individual feedback is provided for all answers.

What’s unique about how our programmes are designed?

The Centre of Excellence in B2B Marketing programmes are designed to provide a structured, comprehensive and interactive learning experience that caters for different learner styles. The innovative structure of our programmes develops competency and produces valuable deliverables from each learning programme.

The Centre of Excellence in B2B Marketing has established a stakeholder panel for its programmes. The panel consists of a combination of subject matter experts and end user C-level professionals. This stakeholder panel contributes towards and influences the development of programmes that demonstrate best practice in B2B marketing.

Who benefits from the Centre of Excellence in B2B Marketing programmes?

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